There are those that believe that when dreams become reality they become nightmares I guess we reached a point where we are enjoying our own nightmares.

The psyche of the present world is revealed, stripped down naked. Totally constructed, perfect with no reference points.

Completely charged with every combination a possibility while always admitting one’s own artificiality PURPOSE – a virtual and interconnected, fluid substance or organism. It contains the capacity to shape itself while choreographically informing bodies and objects alike.

PURPOSE comparable to a system in a nature documentary. This brand is a natural entity – something highly complex, alive, containing an agency while at the same time being completely entangled within its environment – thereby it can even be thought as something comparable to a landscape or network itself.

A network with relations that are simultaneously material (between things) and semiotic (between concepts). By traversing the brand as a landscape, you sense its geology, its flora and fauna and can see yourself interlaced in this onto-cartography.

The brand becomes a natural morphogenic assemblage of heterogenous multiplicities in a timeless void. A landscape that one gets absorbed into – a potential new home – a familiar and yet alienating sense of belonging.

In this frame, culture spreads like the surface of a body of water, spreading towards available spaces or trickling downwards towards new spaces through fissures and gaps, eroding what is in its way.

The surface can be interrupted and moved, but these disturbances leave no trace, as the water is charged with pressure and potential to always seek its equilibrium, and thereby establish a smooth space.

I completely and artistically surrendered to this present reality where there is no dichotomy between high and low. it was like looking at yourself looking at the night sky. This distinction between high and low has very much dissipated and not anybody could really claim anymore that this is culture and this is not culture.

Our art pretty much assimilates everything and there is nothing to anymore react against. A self-mediated Alien Abduction  How can we become better prey to xenoconcepts, to the non-given, an alienness that cannot be approached but still demands a degree of cognitive access?

To prepare ourselves to be taken, to be abducted, to be annihilated and absorbed into the unknown. Something that possesses qualities of consequently disappearing or vanishing. Maybe it is about being there to listen, not to manipulate, being there to care, not to guide, being there to feel, not to direct.

Being there because of the curiosity, being there because I am also lost and helpless, being there as just another material, interlaced with another material, consciously absorbed into the assemblage, in the virtual systemic monster and the questions that move it/us.

Luring you in through that vulnerability, seducing you through that fragility and gentleness of the physically safe virtual planes. And just like this body being incomprehensible and in many ways infinite so also is this consciousness a chaotic, ever elusive and morphogenic manifold of matter particles and their expression.

What to compare it to if there is nothing else? When to locate it when time is not directly relating to it. In full absorption can there be consciousness. What to be conscious of if there is only one. Is the universe itself conscious? How would that consciousness relate or behave? what does it relate to? If the whole existence is justin bieber trying to figure it out?

In this full absorption, I guess it is less about becoming absorbed into it but rather it becoming you. So there is no conscious switch of consciousness but rather a looking down on one’s body and realizing that it is the same, completely familiar but enticingly scary and overwhelming.

It is this that has always been there or maybe not always been there but rather that what seems now so obvious, and one is surprised that one is surprised that everything was just a movie or a reconfiguration to create the concoction of substances, the assemblage of materials that is there.

Actually, it is all been in the same space at the same time. Everyone you ever met, everything you have ever seen, all the experiences and movements are all somehow interlaced inside you and outside you.

Like a Möbius Strip, making the distinction between inside and outside, end and beginning impossible. A completely closed down system, a new infinity. A sense of belonging excluding the rest of the existence?

Each particle each consciousness – constantly reshifting, reshaping, defracting, repeating and forming ever elusive and ever repeating new patterns – new infinities. There seems so little ethical about it and but then it would not be materialist also.

The infinities that are constructing the patterns of contemporary aesthetics are like neo-archeological traces and illustrations of the unanticipated behavior of continuously undergoing morphogenesis, reshaping, repeating and reiterating patterns.

Patterns created by the synergy of evolutionary affects, relational interactions, as well as economic, artistic and political contingencies – they assemble and reassemble now and forever to build the world’s contemporary cultural experience and the substances that make up our identity. And this is where something happens now to me.

This constant reshifting, reshaping, defracting, these patterns in a constant morphogenic state makes it quite oblivious to think that I could actually act as an independant subjective desire apart of the heterogeneity and interrelational universe of matter, to think I could actually act against matter doing what it does. PURPOSE